Friday, June 3, 2011

Where have I been?

I feel like I have fallen off the face of the planet over the past couples months, but it's just because of our busy schedules.  I decided after completing my 1/2 Marathon in April to take rest of month off to recover and am excited to report that even with several cheat meals I am maintaining my weight.  Actually weighing in a little under where I finished my transformation back in December. Yeah me!!!!
 (Left to right: Me, Kendra, Vicki, Allie, & our AWESOME trainer Steph)

May brought a very busy month for us between school and sports, but I was able to squeeze in a race too!
I ran the Mother's Day 5K on May 8th with a group of fabulous ladies- my trainer Steph Terry and her daughter Allie as well as my 2 friends Vicki & Kendra (who I met through all of us training at Hitch Fit- Vicki lives in my town and Kendra I went to school with).  This was Vicki and Kendra's 1st 5K since going through their initial transformation and they did awesome! 

Now check out this pic of my trainer- isn't she hot?  She showed up to run with us looking like this and we were all like "Man we have to run next to that!"  It was funny to listen to people around us comment on how great she looked!  She and Allie were also in training to compete in a fitness show during this time!  She brought these cute tiaras for everyone and felt horrible as she forgot I was running, it was OK as we got tiaras after race too!

Well things started out a little CRAZY for us, we were unable to get up with the pace groups and got stuck in the walk/run group.  The reason for this was the almost 4000 runners and deciding to get lined up a little too late.  So the race starts and we as a group start trying to make our way through the pack, which was difficult as everyone was walking.  We were weaving in and out, up and down off of curbs until we finally reached a clear area to be able to run.  I planned on staying with the group, but had set my goal to try to PR so I took off.  My trainer wished me well and said "See you at the finish line girl."  Now when I got to the 1 mile marker we were already at over 16 min, so I was irritated and trying to figure out how to make up time.

The race guidelines said no head sets, so I was going NUTS- I NEED my music to run!!! I told myself as soon as I see someone else with headphones in then it's game on!  So mow music is in and I'm chugging away, but the temps are starting to increase and I am overdressed so time to peel off those layers.  Going into mile 3 I hear them say 28 min, BUMMER no PR for me today! 

Now is where I start to struggle as I always run with my girl Andrea and she is always ahead of me, so I am always trying to catch her.  However today I am one leading the way for our group that I left behind long ago and I am not prepared for that.  Just as I decide to walk here comes Kendra and Allie up behind me-YES!!!  Kendra says " Come on only 1/4 mile left" and off we go again struggling together through what seems to be the longest  1/4 mile ever!  We crossed the finish line at 36:12 and Vicki/Steph were right behind us at 37:01, not bad for huge delay at beginning of race.

Now the fun doesn't stop here for me as 2 days later I find out that I have a very large kidney stone, after many tests and being in ER for hours it's decided I have to be transferred to another hospital.  So I get to ride in an ambulance to other hospital and diagnosis is surgery next day.  So I have been recovering ever since and am now ready to get things rolling again!  Look for me to be posting more often (cross your fingers) as I prepare for my next race!

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