Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunday Share

 How did you spend your weekend?  Mine was spent running back and forth to basketball games/practices and trying to dodge all the snow!  Yes, that's right we got pounded earlier in the week with between 8-10 inches and just were hit again with another

I also spent the weekend, doing mounds and mounds of laundry- man so we have too many clothes in this house!  I have taken 6 bags to the Planet Aid box with more to go!  However the fun part of this all has been going through all my " old wardrobe" and seeing how far I really have come in my weight loss!  Even Micah (my oldest son) is really impressed now that we can see the difference!

So I thought, I should share some pics with you so you can see what DETERMINATION and WILL POWER can do!

 These are the pants I wore last May to Micah's 8th grade graduation, these were a size 16 and were tight at the time.  When seeing pics of myself from that day is when my journey started to begin as I was realizing how horrible I felt about how I let myself go.  Now it took me until August to actually start the process!  I am keeping these pants as a constant reminder of how "eating whatever and however much I want" will lead me right back to here!

Now Summer time was another occasion where I steered clear shorts or the dreaded bathing suit.  However with 2 boys playing baseball in 100+ degree temps finally broke me down and I picked up one pair of shorts.  This year I'm looking forward to summer and maybe some cute summer clothes to go with my flip flops!

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