Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scaling to New Heights

Quote of the Day: The groundwork of all happiness is health.

Today is weigh-in day for me for the 90 Challenge I'm participating in over on My Fitness Pal. Each week we have a set of challenges and then we track our progress and weigh-in on Saturdays. If you would like to join the challenge all you have to do is join My Fitness Pal (totally FREE ) and go to this  link. Anyone can join in on challenge at any time, but you have to do it on a Saturday! You can track your calories and exercise on this site, not to mention meet lots of wonderful, supportive people!

Our challenge this past week was the following:

1. Drink at least 5 (8oz) of water EVERYDAY this week 7/7
2. Walk/Jog/Run a Mile 3 out of 7 days this week. 3/3 (Total mileage of 12 miles)
3. 30 Chair Dips 2 out 7 Days this week. 2/2
4. Do 100 toe raises 100/100

Drum roll of 11:15 am this morning I am officially 148.6 lbs, how exciting!  This means since leaving my comfy home with my trainer (Hi Steph!) over at Hitch Fit
and doing this on my own, I have lost another 7 lbs which make my total 43 lbs since August!  It's hard to believe that almost 6 months ago I weighed in at 191. 

Sunday Share

 How did you spend your weekend?  Mine was spent running back and forth to basketball games/practices and trying to dodge all the snow!  Yes, that's right we got pounded earlier in the week with between 8-10 inches and just were hit again with another

I also spent the weekend, doing mounds and mounds of laundry- man so we have too many clothes in this house!  I have taken 6 bags to the Planet Aid box with more to go!  However the fun part of this all has been going through all my " old wardrobe" and seeing how far I really have come in my weight loss!  Even Micah (my oldest son) is really impressed now that we can see the difference!

So I thought, I should share some pics with you so you can see what DETERMINATION and WILL POWER can do!

 These are the pants I wore last May to Micah's 8th grade graduation, these were a size 16 and were tight at the time.  When seeing pics of myself from that day is when my journey started to begin as I was realizing how horrible I felt about how I let myself go.  Now it took me until August to actually start the process!  I am keeping these pants as a constant reminder of how "eating whatever and however much I want" will lead me right back to here!

Now Summer time was another occasion where I steered clear shorts or the dreaded bathing suit.  However with 2 boys playing baseball in 100+ degree temps finally broke me down and I picked up one pair of shorts.  This year I'm looking forward to summer and maybe some cute summer clothes to go with my flip flops!

Friday, January 21, 2011

What's the Skinny?

I started to create this blog last August when I started my journey, but never got it up and running. So for last few days I have been working to make it a place that I can share my continued journey as I struggle through everyday life!

My goal is simple-to share my tips/tricks, recipes, exercises, and my victories & struggles and hope that I inspire you along the way! I would love for your to share as well and hopefully we can support each other along the way!