Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Brings New Toys

I'm so excited ad I got some new toys to play with at home, so when I am snowed in like I have been this week I can still get in a good workout!

Who loves Zumba? ME, ME, ME hand raised real high-LOL!!!  Well for Christmas both my mother and mother-in-law had the same idea and got me Zumba for the WII.  So funny as I had been looking at it myself and almost bought it too, glad I didn't!  So yesterday I was finally able to get out of the house and exchanges it for this Kettlebell set at Wally World.  Oh Jillian I see you kicking my booty many times in future, I can hear you screaming at me now-LOL!!!

Finally I was able to get back to gym , oh how I have missed it!  So I hit that treadmill to get in some running, was able to get in 5.14 miles before racing to get home to kiddos of to evening activities. I HATE RUNNING ON THE TREADMILL! However last night was about FOCUS so I found this lovely nail slightly protruded out of the wall and made this my focus.  I had downloaded some rockin' tunes and was really able to get in a nice run!  I worked my way through some cramping in my left leg from my calf to my hip, I was super proud of pushing through.  In the past this would have been my excuse to just throw n the towel, but not tonight!  Yeah me, way to go girl!

So how do push through when you mind and body is telling you to quit? 


  1. I think you officially have THE MOST motivation out of anyone if a NAIL STICKING OUT OF THE WALL pulled you through your run!

    I used to really dread working out sometimes and that often led to quitting. For the last little while I've really been focusing on not getting to the point where I want to quit. That's meant more moderation for me. Things like no more than 3 run days a week.

    That said, I can still struggle through a tempo run or some speed work. In yoga they tell us whatever we're feeling is perfectly normal, and not to panic. "Just breathe and let the feeling pass." Interestingly, I find this applies perfectly to running as well.

    Anyway, I've blabbered on enough here. Great job finishing your workout!

  2. way to go! i'm big on mantras to help push through a tough run. my current favorite is, "when my body grows weak, i run with my heart."