Thursday, April 7, 2011

1/2 Marathon-Check!!!

Well it's official, I finished my first 1/2 marathon on April 2nd!  This was just one day after my 35th birthday and what an AMAZING gift to myself after going through my weigh loss journey! 

It was such an amazing accomplishment for me and was definitely a battle both mentally and physically. I finished in 2:38:02 which is better than I expected, I was shooting for 3 hours. There were lots of people so the atmosphere was great! I met up with my personal trainer prior to race for a few pics and last minute pointers (she is a avid runner). Race started off in low 40's, but by about 6 mile mark had warmed up quite a bit! 
From left to right: My trainer Steph Terry, Andrea Kellgren (dear friend & running partner) & Myself

I had a really great first half of race and was able to run it(outside of stopping at aid stations to get water, drink it, and take off again). At the 5K mark (3 mile) I was almost 4 minutes ahead of my fastest 5K time so I was stoked!

The second half is where the struggle began for me, they said the course was really flat and fast-NOT!!! It had many hills that we had to run down and then back up! Mile 9 is where I started to really start to break down mentally, until Katie Perry's song Firework came on- this is my Lucas' fave song and he sings it all the time. So I got a little teary eyed and then said "Stop crying, this mile is for Lucas!"

As I reached mile 10 fatigue started to set in along with major cramping from the backs of my ankles all the way into my hips. So I sent my hubby a text (since he was working and unable to be there) and he sent me messages to keep me going. Each mile I sent him a text and he would send me some words of inspiration to keep me going like "almost there, keep pushing" or "don't give up believe you can do it, I know you can." From mile 12-13 seemed so long and I had to walk more 'cause I was in SERIOUS pain and wanted to give up but I kept plugging along.

Finally some downhill and the text comes "No matter what don't walk across that finish line, you run or you won't be happy!" I can see it the mile 13 marker, only .1 to go time to dig deep! I crossed that finish line with tears streaming down my face and was immediately embraced by my friend. We shared a little moment full of hugs and tears before heading to get a banana and take our pics with our medals at the finisher backdrop!

After the race I text hubby to let him know I finished and he sends me "You are my HERO, good job I'm so proud of you!" The people along the course were AMAZING, cheering us on and holding up funny and supportive signs! 

This was an AMAZING experience and I am very sore and spent rest of weekend trying to recover. No running for me for this week, LOL! Thanks for your support and listening to me ramble about this!


Bad Blogger!

Yes that's right I have been a horrible blogger, but hoping to get back on track!  I do have some awesome things to share though since my last post way back in February, so be sure to check back!  

First up my dear friend and I have decided to run at least one race a month during 2011, however I have to make a couple because I failed to get  into one I wanted to in January because it filled up.  I did however complete the "Love 2 Run" 4 mile race in February and finished at 42:59, which happens to be another "Personal Record" for me pace wise-WOO HOO!  This is my girl Andrea and she competed in couples division with here hubby, they finished 2nd in their age group and got medals!

This was my first race since December, so I was a little rusty!  The course was good, however there were a few slick, icy spots we had to avoid throughout due to colder temps! Now the funny thing about this race was they took over 3000 photos throughout the race and I immediately start searching for my finisher photo.  I scroll through looking at all the pics and the time clock to try and locate myself.  Finally I figure out that these 2 lovely ladies in tu-tus are running right smack dab in front of me and in the whole sequence of pics they took all you can see if my leg in every one-LOL!!!